What is Lead Management System?

If you are a parent, or friends with one, you’d know that apart from the joy of parenthood, raising a child isn’t exactly easy. With two kids, it’s still manageable. But, imagine if you had dozens of babies like this, constantly requiring your undivided attention. You can’t exactly pick two kids you like the most, and give them all the attention, while ignoring the others.

That is somewhat similar to the problem of most growing businesses when they start receiving more inquiries or leads than they can handle. They fail to manage all their leads properly and equally (in terms of giving them attention when they need it), and that’s when their leads begin to scatter like these babies.

That is when lead management software comes into the picture. So,

“Lead management is the process of managing leads, constantly and equally.”

But that is the old-school approach. The modern day lead management software does much more than just managing the leads. In fact, it impacts sales directly, by integrating sales and marketing together. The new definition of lead management would read something like this:

“Lead management is the process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behaviour, qualifying them, giving them constant attention to make them sales-ready, and then passing them on to the sales team.”

Again, this sounds simple enough. But, in truth, lead management is complex, especially when the numbers are high.


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